What is a Soul Session?

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We asked our founder, Jocelyn Boettner, to briefly describe what a Soul Session looks like to someone interested to this kind of healing. Here is what we learned:

"A soul session works a lot like the directions I call in. I will call in four directions to create a sacred space so that we are mindfully just working on that person’s energies with that person’s intentions.

The first direction I call in is Sachamama, the Great Serpent. The serpent teaches us to shed. So we want to work on first what does that person need to let go of? What do they need to shed? Shedding the past like a snake sheds its skin. We want to focus on shedding it all at once. We want to focus on rapid release. But we also want to look at what are the triggers. Snakes are very reactionary creatures, humans are very reactionary creatures. The reactions, the triggers, show us where we’re not healed yet and we often have a very surface level perspective when it comes to that stuff. So we’re going to look at what are the triggers, what are the things we maybe need to shift our perspective on, and where are the places that we’re still stalled in our life.

And then we’re going to move into Jaguar work and Jaguar is really the issues in our tissues, our ancestral stuff, our programs that we’re operating on, our DNA, our past traumas that are really deeply imprinted in our cellular memory creating PTSD; those are what I work on in Jaguar. So some of that’s going to involve journey work, some of that’s going to involve energy work, some of it’s going to involve maybe ritual or ceremony to release those imprints, to shift those contracts. And then drag out whatever needs to be devoured by the Jaguar.

And then we’re going to move into Hummingbird and Hummingbird is really the sweet nectar of life. It’s about their epic journey and are they following their divine blueprint. Are they in their true authentic self? Are they nourishing themselves enough so that they have the strength to take this epic journey? What are the rituals and ceremonies and the things they can do in their daily life that are going to support them in being able to really become the highest version of themselves.

And then we call in the Eagle and Eagle is really about expansive vision and perspective, being able to rise above storms in your life, being able to wait to course correct, to pivot, and being able to really see the long view.

That is what you can look to expect in a session but also every session is different. Not everybody starts at the same place. Some people take longer in certain aspects than others. Some are really ready for the epic journey. The reason I do Soul Sessions is because it allows me to move between those aspects and just address each person individually."


If you have more questions please take advantage of our free consultation call with Jocelyn or reach out to our team at The Ritual Spot by sending us a message.


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